Four Figure Weekend

I promise to make working the weekend worth it.  

Have the tools to gross FOUR FIGURES in one wedding weekend, or even one wedding morning! Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to run a seamless, high quality bridal hair business and be the leading stylists in your area!

This program is a masters class in bridal hair styling that can be done from anywhere, plus we will have one on one time to go over ANYTHING you need support with!

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Do you struggle having confidence with your bridal hair styling skills? 

Do you panic when a bride shows you her inspiration photo and you have no idea how to re  create it? 

Or maybe you can create something gorgeous, but the frizz over takes the beauty of the updo. 

Are you taking an hour or more to create a quality style, resulting in small bridal parties and  less income? 

Maybe you feel that your technical skills are on point, but when it comes to the business side  of things-contracts, payments, taxes, budget, etc you totally fall short, feel stressed and are  completely overwhelmed. 

If you relate to one or all of these things, this program is for you! 
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I learned so many lessons the hard way.

I didn’t have systems in place and always felt unorganized. I remember more than once sitting  in my car after a wedding party realizing I charged short of what was owed to me.

There were days I noticed the time was quickly slipping away on each style because they have  difficult hair and I was running out of time getting the party done when they needed to be.

I also remember brides showing me pictures of the hairstyle they expected to have created and  sweat and panic set in as I tried to figure out how to create the style and praying for a miracle!

The start of my bridal career I was charging $55 per style and taking a full hour to create a  style. At this point in my career I spend 20-30 mins per style, charging $150 for a bridal style!

I can confidently and calmly show up to a bridal party, crank out the entire party myself and walk  away earning 4 figures for a mornings work! 

I know how to cut corners and get my timing down while still executing a top notch style. I'm confident in breaking down any inspiration photo, mapping out my plan and achieving a  desired look. 

I'm set up with bridal hair intake forms, deposits for booking and day of wedding requirements  so I know exactly what I'm getting into and how payment needs to happen.  

I know exactly how to plan for expenses and save for taxes. 

I am CONFIDENT and excited about all things bridal hair!

It is my goal to give you all the same confidence I have!  

To walk into a room full of girls ready for updos and knowing not one can throw something at  you that will stress you out or ruin your time line.  

Even when someone sits in front of you with the thickest hair you have ever worked with and  you need to give her a style that’s sturdy and long lasting in 30 mins. Or the bridesmaid that  has fine, soft and slippery hair and wants all the texture and volume.

What we'll cover

Over the duration of this intensive 6 week course you will work through multiple modules that include consultation and breaking down a photo, products and tools, prep work, building the style and shape, fine tuning and taking an updo from average to extraordinary as well as contracts and payments.

We will go over all different hair types and textures and specifics for their needs.

Have all the tricks up your sleeve for mapping out a style so you are constantly two steps ahead in your mind and you know where you are headed.

Grab the right tools and use the perfect products immediately so you aren’t making anything  harder for yourself.

We will set you up with scripts and forms for quick easy communication and boundaries with  brides. No more unnecessary long email threads, ghosting or lost information.

Each module comes with video examples and tutorials. We will also schedule a one-on- one session to work together on your biggest challenges!

"I am always nervous and intimidated when I take a class, but after getting started I felt like I  was in a safe place to learn. Morgan is the real deal. As a master at her craft, she still considers herself a student, helping others to learn. I have taken a bridal styling class and a one-on-one  session with Morgan and now feel so much more confident in styling bridal hair! What you see is what you get with her, it's like learning and spending time with your bestie.”

- Monique 

“I loved Morgan’s classes! She is beyond talented when it comes to bridal hair! She made me  feel confident in my work, but wasn’t afraid to offer some constructive criticism. Honestly, the tips & tricks she teaches in her classes have made a HUGE difference in my bridal hair game.” 

- Cassidy

“I loved this course! All my up styling questions were answered. I feel more confident going into  bridal season and am excited to try new styles I once was intimidated by!”

- Bethany


“A wonderful experience! Morgan was personable and so humble and helpful. I enjoyed her  confidence which made me feel more confident in my skills.” 

- Emily

I have been specializing in the bridal industry since 2017. In that time I have quadrupled my income. Going from working a few weddings a year, charging $55 dollars for one hour styles to  $125 bridal updos. I have gotten my timing down and walk away making four figures in a  weekend. 

I have worked one on one with some of the top stylists in the industry learning and soaking in all the technical skills I could. I have also educated myself and taken courses that focused on the business side that we as stylists often like to avoid. I’m combining everything I have to offer to help you skip the long, difficult road that I took and fast forward yourself to the full potential you have. 

Take control of your business, maximize your time and be the high paid stylist you are meant to be.

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